Idaho has three official state foods.


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Most foods that are considered 'Idaho' are versions of dishes that use one of the above. You can find trout dishes, hundreds of different potato options and huckleberries used in incredible ways. However, we have some Idaho classics and Idaho favorites that don't always use the three biggies listed above.

Idaho is home to some incredible restaurants with everything from classic to unique cuisine.

Idaho Ice Cream Potato - For this tasty creation, vanilla ice cream is crafted into the shape of a potato, covered in cocoa and topped with whipped cream, making it look like a potato with a dollop of sour cream. Other options is topped with Oreo cookies, and diced peanuts and the potato is served over a bed of chocolate syrup. Delicious! Try it for yourself year round at Westside Drive-In in Boise where it has been made for the last 31 years. The Idaho Ice Cream Potato was featured on Man V. Food, The Food Network, Martha Stewart and the Today's Show website.

Fries at Boise Fry Company - Its hard to pick just one 'locally' inspired dish when the whole premise to this place is local inspiration from Idaho Potato's of all varieties. Boise Fry Company is known for a diverse selection of fries from all types of potatoes including russet, purple, gold, sweet, red and yam. This award winning local fry (and burger) eatery cooks its sliced gems in natural GMO-free sunflower oil. They also keep it fresh and unique by switching up and rotating its homemade seasonings and dipping sauces, which are usually Idaho inspired as well like blueberry ketchup to roasted jalapeno ranch.

Finger Steaks - Finger Steaks seem to be a bit of an Idaho staple since these yums are found in multiple Boise and Treasure Valley eateries.
Lindy's Steak House, The Dutch Goose and Big Bun Drive-In just to name a few.
Finger steaks are wide strips of steak battered with a tempura-like or flour batter and deep-fried in oil. The origin to fixing them this way is said to be from Idaho.

Huckleberry Burger - There are Huckleberry inspired meals and treats all over even before it became Idaho's official state fruit in 2000. Fanci Freez has made it into a burger. It may sound like a strange combo, but don't knock it until you've tried it. Really anything with Huckleberry from deserts, to cocktails, to sauces. Idahoans have gotten creatively delicious with Huckleberries.

According to a 'report' from using data from Food Network, BuzzFeed, and several others to determine the “signature dish” of Idaho. They claim that "spudnuts" are the official food of Idaho. Sorry that is not the case but if you don't know what a spudnut is...They’re essentially potato doughnuts filled with flavors. For being a signature dish they are a bit hard to find. Guru Donuts is one place to check them out though.

If Spudnuts being our 'signature dish' didn't surprise you, maybe this one will. A website called Well and Good listed "Most Popular 4th of July Recipes in All 50 States." Idaho's was just too out there not to mention. Maybe this is a much bigger than in peoples kitchens then I realized but the most googled recipe from Idahoans during this time was Crepes. Yea, crepes. They are good and all but really?

We found a list at that selected a top tailgating food in every single state. Their selection for Idaho made a lot more sense then some of these other lists.

Loaded potato fries - Count us in. :)

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