Look, we get it - summer is an important time for singles and for some people, it's the season of love. The thing is, you still have to put in effort to meet or introduce yourself to someone you're interested in. There's no avoiding it, you have to make the intro somehow... and that's when things can get a little uncomfortable.

The art of the pick-up line

First of all, are pick-up lines still a thing for people? Outside of dating apps or hokey dating profiles, do people still try pick-up lines in person? While this author hasn't heard a pick-up line in at least ten to twelve years, there are some people who were kind enough to share some of the worst they heard this summer.

By all means, if you have a line that is more cringe than what we're about to share with you, please send them here and we would love to see how it ranks against the rest.

Do you agree with number one?

The 7 Worst Summer Pick-Up Lines People Used In Boise... Which Is #1?

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Look, the only reason the Zodiac sign pick-up line made the cut is that we needed a seventh pick-up line. As a matter of fact, some people take astrology so seriously that they'll sometimes base their dating criteria on when their potential partner was born.

If we're able to use astrology to find the person we're willing to spend the rest of our lives with... why not use that same method when settling down in a city?

For some reason, we decided to put in the research and work to find out various establishment dates (or "birthdays) of various Idaho cities. Using the date, we were able to determine the Zodiac sign of each city and find out its characteristics.

Do you agree with these findings?

Here is Every Zodiac Sign For 18 Idaho Cities

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