As the old saying goes, you can lead the horse to the trough but you can't make them drink it. In this case, that trough is full of common sense and some people are immune to common sense.

Here's what not to do at Yellowstone National Park

A video went viral on the Instagram account @TouronsOfYellowstone showing what appears to be a woman flirting with death. The original owner wrote of the video:

Queen Touron of Yellowstone. Sighted at Biscuit Basin. She was trying to pet it. It was insane. Like inches. Her arrogance was so infuriating. People were telling her to move away and she kept posing for like 10 minutes.

The big takeaway here is how the person filming pointed out how arrogant this person was in the presence of the bison. She ignored all of the warnings from people all in the name of getting the perfect shot. She could even be seen turning around smiling at those behind her waiting for the bison to react at any moment.

Here is why that is EXTREMELY dangerous...

Woman Visiting Yellowstone Has No Idea How Close She Was To Death

Well, this is anxiety-inducing... here is what NOT to do when you visit Yellowstone National Park.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now it's time to watch the video that will surely give you anxiety and if nothing else, low-key infuriate you.

Imagine if something happened to this woman... what would the narrative be?

Let this all serve as a reminder to watch your distance and maintain space between you and potentially dangerous animals like bison.

Also... you may want to be weary of Yellowstone's 'Zone of Death' in Idaho. No, seriously, take a look!

Avoid Yellowstone's 'Zone of Death' in Idaho

If you plan a trip to Yellowstone be extra aware and careful near Island Park, Idaho. This is a 50 square mile stretch of Yellowstone National Park that is within the Idaho boarder. That may not seem like a big deal but it means some big things in our legal system.

Gallery Credit: Nikki West

But if you're on the fence about making the trip to Yellowstone, we have six reasons for you to go for it.

6 Reasons to Road Trip to Yellowstone

Gallery Credit: Jen Austin - TSM Boise

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