You don't even have to live in Idaho to know that Idaho politics are a little wacky. Even the most reasonable of Democrats and Republicans can admit that the goings on inside of the Idaho State Capitol Building are not particularly conventional.

Spend any time on "#IDPol Twitter"--the popular hashtag for Idaho politics--and you'll see all sorts of drama. Politicians acting like children on the platform, arguing with folks, calling people names, blocking constituents & sending wise-guy emails to those asking for an explanation. It's embarrassing.

In a legislature where Democrats are underrepresented and Republicans can't stop arguing over who is more conservative--a recent vote called for unanimous support in the House of Representatives and frankly, everyone is shocked.

Representative Lauren Necochea, a Democrat and graduate of Boise High School, put forth a proposal that would take public dollar from acts of electioneering-- this includes prohibiting political correspondence from tax documents. In laymen's terms, this would prevent politicians from putting their names on things like tax refund checks--subtle "mentions" for campaigning.

In a totally bipartisan and unanimous fashion-- the bill passed the house.



Folks in Idaho are quite excited about the measure and while it may not be 'earth shattering' legislation, we all hope it will be proof that everyone in the statehouse should have SOME things to agree on already.

Here's an example of one idea from an Idaho Republican that feels like a bit of a time waster:

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