Yes everyone is talking about Nick Jonas revealing that he would be joining the Voice TV show while making an appearance on Ellen. But there is even more talk about how he made sure to mention the he was gonna kick Blake's A$$.!!!

All of that is fine and dandy but the big story in Idaho is all about what happened on the Voice Monday night. Have you ever heard of EllieMae MIllenkamp from Jerome? Let me just say this... Aaron Paul is Boise's sweetheart and is making a huge splash this week with the premiere of "El Camino" The breaking bad movie. My favorite part of him getting the Netflix people to agree on doing a premiere in Boise is that he convinced them to do a scavenger hunt for last minute tickets (which was completely out of control).

My point is that Aaron is to Boise as EllieMae is to Jerome. Let's talk about ElllieMae... EllieMae grew up on a farm in Jerome and is a 21 years singer who blew Blake Shelton away by singing Kacey Musgraves - " Merry Go Round"  on the episode of the Voice that aired Monday night. Blake was so impressed by her that he said " I think she's gonna be a threat on this show" I'm thinking NIck Jonas is wrong, Idaho is on Blake's team.

Congrats EllieMae you done did it... you put Jerome, Idaho on the map.

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