Less than 2 weeks ago we all got hit with a major plot twist and one couldn't help but wonder what happened, I personally blamed it on Travis and that may or may not be completely off base. Looking at it from the outside in, I thought WHY? and then I thought is it even possible for Travis to upgrade? Today after many rumors I'm thinking... wait!!!! is this a case of the EX?!!! or just a coincidence?

First Kylie shows up to Hyde Lounge in Los Angeles where Tyga had pulled up earlier... ok she was in a party bus with Khloe and that could be a coincidence. Was it also a coincidence that Lamar Odom ( Khloe's ex) was also there? According to Daily Mall there was a second incident where Kylie was spotted at a studio where Tyga was recording.

HMMMMM was it Kylie that called it quits? was she creeping with Tyga? Did she want a quick fix and figured that Tyga was a familiar option? She stated she wanted another child and Tyga already has one so is this her ready made family? So many questions and the only comment on her behalf is below. Come to think of it, she is a single woman now... Kylie do you boo boo..

 Travis and i are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi ‼️ our friendship and our daughter is priority

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