I'm no expert when it comes to weddings or wedding dresses but It seems like most  brides and brides to be are obsessed with "The Dress". While the venue is key and some prefer a mountainside chateau vs. a sandy beach, the flowers must be meaningful and have some sort of significance like the first flowers he ever gave her or something cheesy like that... I mean "something important" like that. Who can forget the colors? The colors are everything!!! and then there is the bridal party selection. The maid of honor can make or break a wedding, the man of honor can make or break the bachelor party. Have I failed to mention my favorite part of a wedding? The cake!!! It has to be multi-layer with different flavors cause aunt Nicole hates vanilla cake and will not eat anything other than chocolate cake. I always order dessert before I order food so of course I would do the same as I write this, Having said that let's talk turkey... which by the way is NOT the best choice for wedding food but chicken cordon bleu seems to be popular.

My point here is that as important as all these things are NOTHING is as important as the DRESS!!! so take a look for yourself and you be the judge.

So much for all that talk about Kylie out  shinning the bride.

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