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I wouldn't typically write about something so far out buy sometimes you need some notice. How many times have you seen a posting our advertisement about a run on the day before?

This is your notice Idaho Idaho's Original Turkey Day 5K is back this holiday and is coming up in about 2 weeks plus a few days. You might be reading this later so mark the date, November 28, 2019, at 9 a.m.

We never had a tradition like the Turkey Bowl as made famous on FRIENDS. I think everyone wanted to go out and play football after that episode. I grew up in the south where it's not exactly cracking pipes on the daily. I grew up looking at one picture of my dad sitting on the hood of his car surrounded by a rare snowstorm that hit Houston one year. That means my cousin and I would always be out on the holiday throwing a football around. That changed when I joined the United States Navy and that's how I ended up in the snowy Pacific Northwest. That's my warm to cold weather story ❄️⛱

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Don't hold your breath for sunny and 70 this Thanksgiving. You can expect some very frigid temperatures but nobody cares around here. People love to run in Boise and not even snow will stop them from taking to the streets on November 28 ‍♀️‍♂️

Make sure to dress the park, show your best turkey outfits, and roll into downtown Boise on Thanksgiving morning. Bring a football if you want but make sure you got the right shoes This is a great pre-guilt appointment for your food stuffing afternoon. The clock is ticking. You have 16 days and counting ⌚️

Make sure to bring your canned goods for the Idaho Rescue Mission and City Light Home for Women and Children food pantries. Every can helps

If you're not into old school flicks. Peep this new movie called, "The Turkey Bowl". I couldn't find a Turkey Day 5K movie (just give it some time).

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