About a month ago when Kat and I both went through break ups we got this crazy idea. How therapeutic would it be to throw an Ax at your Ex. I know what you’re thinking and before you assume that we’ve lost our minds, allow me to clarify. We are NOT making reference to throwing an ax at a human being, but it would be fun to throw one at a picture of them. hahaha

Precision Axe Range in Nampa to the rescue! The quarantine has caused a lot of break ups and since we’re always looking for a reason to party we thought why not throw (pun intended) a KISS FM Axe Your Ex Party. Here are the details.

Weekdays mornings between May 25-29th Keke and Kat will be giving away tickets to the private KISS-FM Ax your Ex event to be held on June 4th between 4p-6p at Precision Axe Range in Nampa. If you’ve been through a break up and need some therapy wake up with Keke and Kat this week.



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