New music drops on Fridays, but we get music videos and movie trailers on Tuesday nights. I've grabbed the top 3 things you need to watch today!

Beyonce's 'Spirit' from the Lion King soundtrack dropped last Friday, and last night we got the visuals! In the video you'll get a scene with daughter Blue Ivy and scenes from Havasu Falls, located in Havasupai Indian Reservation near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Notable because it made news last week that Bey flew in on a helicopter and skipped the huge hike most people take in, plus the months-long wait list you have to be on to even get a permit to get in.


Cardi B announced her partnership with Reebok last year, and the commercial that just went out to go with it is amazing in every Cardi B way. The nails growing threw me off, but if you watch Cardi's IG stories, you know she loves her long nails and frequently flies her nail tech out to wherever she's performing or working.


I can't remember the last time I saw teasers for a movie trailer, but that's just what Hustlers did. The past couple weeks we've seen teasers announcing the Hustlers trailer on July 17. Watching the actual trailer makes me want to have a hot girl summer and scam some dudes. I'll 100% be seeing this when it comes out in September.

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