The Boise Music Festival has come and gone that just like! We've been hyping BMF heavy for months that have included ticket stops, VIP events, and all access contests. Pitbull was the draw and he didn't disappoint.

I'd say this BMF rivaled the previous 9 years of performance lineups. In years past it's always been about packaging artists around each other. This year the openers were great with the festival's classic throwback performances, country acts, and the main event. Pitbull was a showstopper Saturday night.

I was most impressed with his versatile appeal to every part of the Treasure Valley. It is clear that Idahoans love "Mr. Worldwide" Kat, Mateo and myself gave up our M&G passes to listeners. You won't see us with Pitbull but the peeps that got to meet him couldn't stop talking about how nice he was. It's always a pleasure to know that artists treat your listeners with so much respect.

Here are more photos of his electrifying performance and you'll notice that he changed from his white suit to black in wardrobe change. Dude was crazy Saturday night.


BMF Pitbull Gallery Two

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