The last two months have really taken a toll on our community from many different angles. Our neighbors have lost jobs which means they’ve lost income and in a lot cases the ability to provide for themselves and their families. We’ve lost businesses and some business owners have lost every bit of their life savings. We’ve heard stories of people barely scraping by and children going hungry. We also know that the Treasure valley has always been great about helping their own.

We at KISS FM have been watching this happen and all the while trying to figure out how we can help our neighbors. Thanks to a partnership with locally owned Albertson’s we are giving away Albertson’s gift cards weekdays at 7:10am and 5:10pm. This isn’t your typical call in and win radio contest. This is an opportunity for you to make a positive difference in one of your neighbors life. If you know someone that is struggling or can use the help call Keke and Kat in the morning or Mateo in the afternoon at 384-1035 from May 26th –June 5th.

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