I grew up LDS, so when things like this happen it hits close to home. The LDS community is large here in the Treasure Valley, so if you can relate, a story like this is more than disturbing. 

51-year-old David N. Moss, of Lehi, Utah (yep, that's my home town) stands accused of contacting women online that he believed to be prostitutes in an offer to "manage" them. Tuesday the bishop was in handcuffs charged with exploiting a prostitute, patronizing a prostitute, plus two counts of lewdness and sexual battery according to a msn.com article.

Moss went down ironically on Valentine's day when he attempted to connect with two undercover detectives that he believed to be prostitutes online. He told the "prostitutes" that he could help them avoid the police, protect them, and book them as their manager but not as a pimp.

When the arrest went down, Bishop Moss allegedly grabbed one of the officer's hands and forcibly put his hand on his genitals over his clothes and then unzipped his pants and exposed his genitals to two different detectives. Moss was released on Valentine's Day but rearrested this past Tuesday as evidence mounted.

He has been removed from his position in the LDS church.

I completely understand that the church can't spot every bad apple out there and although this may reflect poorly upon the religion to some people we have to remember its the person at fault and not the faith.

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