As you hopefully know, the President Trump impeachment trial began this week. And there's been a sketch of our very own Idaho Republican Senator Risch catching a couple moments of rest that's gone viral and is catching a lot of heat.

Let's stat with this: I know, these hearings are incredibly important. Sleeping or having a little nap during any part of the trial is probably frowned upon.

But let's also take into consideration that this man is 76 years old. I'm 31 and I have a hard time staying awake for most important events, specifically events that I have to sit and watch and listen to for an extended period of time. It's the reason I only go to a select few churches that have dope, engaging pastors (shout out Krist Wilde at Capital Church in Meridian). Because who actually wants to sleep during something important or beneficial? Probably no one. But it's hard if your body is saying to go to sleep! It's even harder if you're listening to something boring.

Since independent cameras were not allowed in the room, all we have as evidence of the nod is this amazing sketch:

Now. everyone is roasting this poor older man in the comments. How could he take this so lightly? This is a historic event and he's behaving improperly. This is the most work he's had to do in years. If the hours are too long, he should discuss with the judge.

I agree with some of these things, but again. This man is SEVENTY SIX years old. And these proceedings didn't wrap up until 2am, 13 hours later. As a loving granddaughter of my 78 year old G-Mo and my 79 year old Grandpa until his passing about a year ago, I know that 13 hours is too long for someone that age to stay engaged! My Grandma needs to nap every few hours throughout the day.

Who decided that people that age could handle that type of schedule? I work a lot of 12 hour days and I'm mentally exhausted halfway through most of them. I joke all the time that we need a napping room in the office somewhere so that I can take an hour power nap to be able to have my brain function for the rest of the day.

So to act like this older man is somehow out of his mind by having a 15 minute nap in the middle of a 13 hour day, is just wrong. Political parties aside, let Risch rest. At his age, he's earned it.


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