International celebrity Lewis Capaldi has really made a name for himself. In the last year, his single "Someone You Loved" quickly became one of the biggest hits in recent memory. Not only is he an amazing song writer and talented performer, the guy is a total goofball. There are very few celebrities that I personally care about. That may seem ironic given I work for a radio station--but I've never really been one to care about what stars do in their free time. Lewis Capaldi is in my view, the epitome of a star because he's so accessible-- he lives in his parents' basement, has next level self-deprecating humor, and simply comes across as the most average, down to earth guy ever.

For all of the things I listed above, I was STOKED to see him live at The Revolution Concert House. In fact, I made a personal call to his team in LA to make sure that 103.5 KISS FM had stacks of tickets to give you to this show. Unfortunately, the show will no longer be happening.

Just this weekend, Lewis posted to his Instagram account stating that his United States Tour would have to be canceled, of course, due to COVID-19. In his message, he encourages fans to stay safe and healthy and he hopes to tour again soon. When that happens, it's safe to say we all hope that Boise remains on that list!

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