It seems as though every single day our lives change in one way or another due to the pandemic. Sometimes we're very frustrated due to the inconveniences that COVID-19 continues to create for us. Social distancing, masks, shorter hours at certain business, maximum capacities at gatherings and the list goes on and on. If you Live in Meridian , love reading and you use the public library as a resource, I have great news for you. The Meridian Public Library is now offering free delivery to your doorstep. Books, Movies, Magazines and anything that you would normally be able to check out or find on the library's catalog is now available at your doorstep.

According to ktvb, here is how it works. You log onto, request home delivery and if the items are on the shelf your selections will be delivered in one to three days by the libraries delivery driver Eddie. This program was launched in May and by June reached over 500 residents. You could be next log on today.

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