J.U.M.P. (Jack's Urban Meeting Place) is really stepping up its event face. It's kind of a joke sometimes when we drive by because someone will always say, "I still don't get what JUMP is?"

It's becoming more evident that J.U.M.P. is placed to do what it say's in the name, MEET. I've written about cooking classes, yoga events and small engaged parties that are very community driven.

Block out Friday, March 2 at J.U.M.P for what's being called, ILLUMIBRATE - a light and colour festival. I spoke to several friends that have been attending these small parties and attendance will cap around 500.

ILLUMIBRATE is a light a & colour festival celebrating the human spirit and the connectedness as a community that is awe-inspiring including the most important - FREE! (from Facebook).

This is an all ages event that begins at 6 p.m. ending at 10 p.m. Illumicone lighting will get the park LIT including the sick silent disco by Kaleidisco. There will be body art stations, roving performers, and more to be announced.

I'm not sure what the capacity is of this event but the Facebook event says almost 2,000 have clicked an interest. If you're going to this FREE event at J.U.M.P. I'd get there early. You can get more information their FACEBOOK page. If you go please tag us on Instagram @kissboise.

Look a bit like this

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