It was announced just a week or two ago that one of Boise's Shopko locations would be closing. The West Boise location, located on Fairview Avenue won't be open much longer as many project it to be closed for business sometime in March. The closure is obviously unfortunate because it displaces several workers in the Treasure Valley. I searched around, but couldn't find any information on positions being offered to the displaced at the other remaining Shopko locations in Boise.

With the closure too, comes some pretty serious sales because everything needs to go. As of right now, everything in the store is about 10%-30% discounted and as time goes on, those percentages are going to increase.

While living in Spokane a few years ago, a Macy's location closed and was liquidated and I was able to get away with some serious deals on suit jackets and even a watch. While those items aren't up Shopko's alley, you COULD find things you need at some unmatched discounted prices right now. Maybe even some cheap gadgets in the tech section?

Liquidation at the Fairview Shopko is going on right now.



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