They're called Pizza Portals and they're changing the way you order and pick up pizza.  In fact, for now it's only changing the way we do it right here in the Treasure Valley!

The Boise market area has been selected by Little Caesars to test run the "Reserve-N-Ready" service announced by the national pizza chain.  The concept is pretty cool and it allows you to skip lines, or any counter interaction at all if you're a total introvert like me. Here's how it works:

Download the Little Caesars app and set up an account.  Once you're set up, you place your order and select "Reserve-N-Ready".  Once the pizza is ready, your app will send you an alert and at that point, you head down to your local Little Caesars location.

Once you're there, skip the line (and the counter) and go straight for the Pizza Portal. Below you can see a picture of what these will look like. It's the pickup station there to the left of the counter.

Your order will be kept in a secure compartment and only you can access it, using a 3-digit pin OR scanning the QR code provided on your screen.

Boise is the official test market for this new pizza ordering concept--so take advantage of being the test rat and try it out for yourself!

To find a location near you, click HERE.

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