Who doesn't love a little pizza? While I've never been one to order pizza a ton, spots that do pizza by the slice are AMAZING! It's just me at my place and having a whole pizza is just a horrible idea.  There are a TON of awesome pizza places in Boise by the way-- so I want to find your favorite.

There's a lot that goes into pizza and people definitely have their preferences.  Thick crust versus thin, crispy versus fluffy, and the ever-popular debate: pineapple or no pineapple.  Every place puts their own twist on the popular comfort food.

Here's where I failed this week: I had no idea yesterday was National Pizza Day.  Listen, I get it, there's a national day for everything and I probably miss three or more celebrations a week...but PIZZA!? That's a big one.

This said, I'm getting some pizza this week and I need to know where YOUR favorite pizza pie is. Is it late night Pie Hole? Celebrating "YOUR DAY" at Flying Pie? Let me know in the comments...I'm starvin' over here!