Fairytales and friends new and old came to support and spread the message of Live for 175. Some of us had no idea there was going to be a surprise. Eh hem... Kekeluv.

Say what you want about fairytales and princesses but when they show up and take pictures with kids, you fall in love with Disney - no matter your age. Mateo at night seemed to be all about Moana and just "happened" to be everywhere she was. The fact that we didn't get at least an arm of Mateo's in each Moana picture seems like a miracle to me.

Lucky tha DJ showed up as a surprise guest. He and Kekeluv, together, started Live for 175 back in Spokane, Washington and have carried it over to the most giving community on this planet - the Treasure Valley. It was appropriate for Lucky to show up and be sitting on a bike. It was the sweetest, most heartwarming moment. They talked about how their lives have changed and now they are committed to being with one woman (Kekeluv's wife and Lucky's fiance) and each have a child.

It's funny how times change, isn't it?

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