TikTok has been, aside from COVID-19 of course, probably the single biggest thing of the year.  The app went from being something that a lot of really young kids had on their phones, to now something that almost everyone has.

Recently, a local fast food worker (I'll leave her name anonymous) posted to Boise Bench Dwellers asking for some of these challenges to stop. She wrote:

Hello I work 2 different fast food jobs and lately we've had a lot of kids coming through trying to film tiktoks on political issues. Please ask your kids to stop, if any workers indulge them at all we absolutely get fired. Your kids are trying to put peoples jobs on the line for clout and it's not funny

Admittedly, I'm not entirely sure what exactly these types of TikTok videos consist of but it sounds like people that are just trying to do their jobs here in the Treasure Valley are being bothered for social media.

Have you experienced this at all?


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