A Sunday afternoon hike should never involve trauma and heartbreak but according a recent story by Idaho News, for one family, it did. Now, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game is warning the public.

In the feature article, we learn that over the weekend a coyote running around in the Boise Foothills ran off with a small dog named Tucker while the owners had him out for a walk in Lower Hulls Gulch. It was broad daylight, just after noon on a Sunday. What was a coyote doing out on the prowl at this time? Everyone is a little surprised.

Wildlife officials say there are a lot of coyote cubs in the Boise Foothills right now and so momma coyotes may be extra protective. Moral of the story is: make sure you keep your animals on a leash if you're hitting the foothills with them--especially around Hulls Gulch.  These dog-eating coyotes are no joke and nobody wants anything to happen to their pets!

If you're looking to take some extra steps out of caution, there are actual protective vests that you can put on your dogs! They look a little silly but the spikes and "whiskers" that poke up off of these things will definitely keep the coyotes away. It's called a "Coyote Vest" and you can see them for yourself, HERE.


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