Working in radio I'm constantly bombarded with local artists trying to get some spins on KISS FM. The majority of it is awesome. Some...not so much. The best advice I can give to an aspiring artist trying to get some exposure is to "mirror the community". The audience of fans you may attract by "rapping" about how cool you are or your "struggle" may be few, but creating a song that everyone can relate to is priceless. It's the difference between you going to Dj's hoping for spins and Dj's coming to you.

Meet a guy who "get's it" Ian Twitchell aka Infectious.


April is Child Abuse Awareness Month. If you haven't heard 103.5 KISS FM dedicates 175 non-stop hours to raising Idaho's awareness of Child Abuse called Live For 175. Knowing the impact this event has in the community Ian "Infectious" used his talent and recorded a song for the event. And it's good! Check it out below:

Tell me you didn't get goosebumps. I believe the sky is the limit for this kid! Check out his bio and some other projects he's produced.


Ian Twitchell A.K.A “Infectious” is an up and coming hip hop/ rap artist from Nampa Idaho. After his heartfelt and touching track “Let the Children Play” was featured during 103.5 Kiss FM’s Live for 175 campaign against child abuse, Infectious’ style of lyrical yet meaningful songs has continued to evolve and bring a new light to the ever growing “stigma” of rap music.   “Music has been a huge part of me for as long as I can remember” Ian says. In 2003 while hanging out with his best friend listening to one of Eminem’s first cd’s, Ian realized his talent and lyrical ability and Infectious was born. Although his style didn’t fully evolve until 2012, Infectious has always seemed to draw people in with the way his lyrics instill a feeling of familiarity to their own lives and experiences.   Influenced by artists from multiple genres of music including rock, rap, country and dance have given Infectious a unique sound and style. While Infectious is still a largely unknown name in the music industry, he hopes that his “outside the box” take on rap will continue to reach people and gain new fans.   “I write songs that mean something to me and reflect things in my life at the moment” says Ian. “If those songs reach out, touch others and help or give them something to smile about, it’s a great feeling that drives me to keep making music”.   You can find his newest song (which also happens to be his first music video “Duet”) on YouTube : You can also stay up to date and show him some love on Facebook

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