I came across this video while scrolling the inter-webs. It was produced by a church in Charlotte NC, and really had a great message about Christmas. With the increased pressure society puts on us to "get" and "buy" during the holiday season, the video serves as a good reminder to be thankful for what we may already have.

The video begins with a husband and wife waking up  proclaiming " I'm alive" and having to unwrap themselves from holiday wrapping paper. His children walk in shortly after that also struggling to unwrap themselves. As the video continues, the man comes across everyday items (shower, electricity, shoes and even his breakfast) that are wrapped in holiday wrapping and seems to be oddly excited at every one. On his way out the door he's ecstatic to find his car "gift wrapped" and waiting for him.

The video serves as a cute reminder that we are already blessed with many gifts. This holiday season take a second to look at the things that are really important, family, friends and shoes!

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