Major changes are coming to conference play for Boise State football--along with every other team in the Mountain West. Conference play just won't be the same...but it won't take place until 2023.


The schedule for this upcoming 2022 season has already been released! 

Boise State's 2022 Football Schedule Released

After a lack-luster year for the football team at Boise State University, fans aren't sure what to expect this year. Of course, most fans expect greatness--and a trip to a major bowl game! With more stability in the coaching world and a senior Hank Bachmeier, could the Broncos return to the major stage? Here is their official schedule for fall of 2022!

Which game are you most excited for!?

For the last several years, Boise State fans have wished they were in a different conference--be it the Big 12, the Pac 12, or otherwise--Boise State fans really think that the Mountain West is holding the program back.

What critics see, however, is a decent Boise State program with a strong history--that still can't win out the conference. Maybe the Mountain West isn't so bad after all?

So what's up with these "changes"?

Starting in the 2023 season, the Mountain West will do away with their two "divisions" and just let the conference rankings stand conference-wide.



One concern with fans is that this "expansion" may cut back on the number of non-conference games for the season-- but that has yet to be determined.


Perhaps the football team can hire some of these security guards from basketball season if they're in need of linebackers! 

Security Slams Boise State Students to Ground After Win

History was made at ExtraMile Arena on the night of Tuesday, March 1st. When you think of the arena--you may think of your favorite concerts or acts. No, a sell out crowd didn't set a record. The Boise State men's basketball team did. One might think that a major celebration was in order. Clearly, some security folks had a different idea.

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