Why, in the middle of June, has Boise been talking about hockey? As it turns out, the Treasure Valley's own Idaho Steelheads have given residents a reason to: they won--a lot.

It was a record breaking season for the Idaho Steelheads who played their hearts out, all of the way to the Kelly Cup Finals! The Kelly Cup is the "big championship" in the Steelheads' league, for those who may not follow hockey and it has been years since the championship came to Boise. Thanks to some great coaching and our amazing roster, it came very, very close to being the Steelheads' year.

There's certainly nothing wrong with runner up--just last week, the Idaho Steelheads fell in a tough road loss all of the way in FLORIDA to the defending champions. It was a long and difficult fight to get there--and now, they're returning to Boise.

Downtown Boise staple, Humpin' Hannah's, long known as THE Steelheads bar in town, is hosting a huge party for the team on Wednesday night, June 14th!

According to an event posted up on Facebook, the event will feature:

  • “Break the Ice” Steelheads Trivia starting at 8:00 p.m.
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Best Fan Costuming!
  • Highlight reels, speeches and congratulatory entertainment! Emceed by Steelheads own Zach Walker!
  • Free snacks, music, dancing and fun with The Rocci Johnson Band hitting he stage at 10:30!

Interested in inviting friends, sending that RSVP or learning more? CLICK HERE.

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