Here we go again! I took part in the so-called, "opening ceremonies" of the last male revue bus trip to Jackpot and the photos are up - you be the judge. The party bus not only sold out months ahead of time, but everyone had such a blast that we HAD to host another!

Whether you're single or simply looking for some extra fun, these busses are ready to get LIT 🔥 No word if there will be another customized male revue piñata or not, but we expect things to get WILD.

The party begins with our party busses down to Jackpot, NV. Simply meet us at 103.5 KISS FM headquarters in downtown Boise and we have you covered from there! Eat, drink, have fun on the way down!

Then, it's pool party time! Dance, swim, and did we mention drinking is allowed? These are always a blast! When you're feeling good, get ready! Thunder Down Under will be performing later that night and that's great for the ladies. Finally, what party bus is complete without an afterparty!?! Our DJ's will be on-hand to host the official Thunder Down Under after party where we'll drop some Cardi B to get things poppin'.

$125 gets you the following for two guests and this is dirt cheap. I'm gonna tell them they should raise it to $200 at a minimum - steal of a deal!

  • (2) seats on a bus to Jackpot
  • (2) tickets to see Thunder Down Under in Jackpot that night
  • $20 in vouchers for food
  • $20 in match play games
  • Free access to pool party.

This event will be hosted by the staff at 103.5 KISS FM and we can't wait to welcome you to the summer party bus to Jackpot!

More details below.


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