It's patio season in the Treasure Valley--where are you going? All across the area, there are tons of businesses that look forward to the ability to open up their patios, garage doors, or outdoor seating. Especially in downtown Boise.

So what's up with one popular patio in downtown Boise? Well, it has just been sold.

Branded for craft beer but owned by major national beer chain Anheuser-Busch--10 Barrel has now been sold to a major cannabis company.

Can you believe these changes coming to downtown Boise's 10 Barrel?

10 Barrel Boise Now Owned by Marijuana Company

Many are shocked to hear that 10 Barrel will now be owned by a marijuana company--what does that mean for Boise, Idaho?

Will Idaho embrace an establishment owned by a marijuana company!? 

Along with purchasing 10 Barrel, the weed company, Tilray, has also acquired the following beer brands:

  • Shock Top
  • Breckenridge Brewery 
  • Blue Point Brewing Company
  • Redhook Brewery
  • Widmer Brothers Brewing
  • Square Mile Cider Company
  • HiBall Energy 

There are also 10 Barrel locations in Oregon--where weed is indeed legal. There, you can find brewpub locations in Bend and Portland.

What do these changes mean for Boise? Only time will tell. Obviously, we hope that none of this means that folks will lose jobs. According to the CEO of Tilray in an interview with Yahoo Finance, he's hoping that his influence can help make craft beer "fun again"--so, perhaps Boise can anticipate changes in what the pub offers downtown Boise.

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