It sure seems like there's a lot of talk about drugs in the news as of late. In part of its effort to clear the Boise streets of drugs, the Boise Police have seized quite the haul. I wrote about how The City of Boise is taking a legal approach attacking the opioid epidemic, but sometimes, there is just nothing better than a good ole fashion drug bust.

Police say they seized almost five pounds of methamphetamine and other drugs during a search of a West Boise home last week.

According to investigators the bust also included some LSD, DMT and marijuana. A man, identified as 49-year-old Eric Ochsner of Boise, was taken into custody on felony trafficking charges.

I saw drugs and the devastating effects it can have on people and a community everywhere when I lived in Portland. For the most part (on the outside at least) Boise is a pretty clean place in comparison. Even though it's impossible to make our city a drug free place, I'm happy to see when law-enforcement is able to get some of it off the streets.



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