It's that time again ALREADY and I have no idea how it's here...Boise Music Festival.  Our team puts in year-long work to make sure this music festival goes off perfectly for thousands of fans and going into my third Boise Music Festival (as a staffer) I've compiled a few things that I feel like you've GOT to do at Boise Music Festival this year.

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    Ok, this is a basic one but I'm just going to be real with you right now: drink water. It's not supposed to be as hot as it has been in years' past however--being in that dry Idaho sun will get you. Listen, last year I soaked up too much sun, not enough water, and by the time the after party started...lets just say 1 shot was TOO MANY. Look out for yourself.

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    Check out the vendors

    There are SO MANY awesome vendors at Boise Music Festival, you've got to check them all out. Just do a walk through the fairgrounds...many of them are locally owned!  There will even be virtual reality games ( I highly recommend you try these) inside the Expo center.

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    Cool down...

    Let loose and jump under that giant fire hose of cold water in the middle of the concert field. You'll feel like you're a kid again and yes, it's refreshing.

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    Catch every headliner

    Look, we've all got our favorite artists at BMF but here's one thing I've learned: you just never know which one of these main stage artists will do something crazy or put on an awesome show. It happens once a year...catch all the headliners.

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    Bring your friends. Soak it up. Take lots of pictures. There's nothing worse than realizing you guys didn't all take a picture or boomerang your friend that's had a few beverages...we put this show on FOR YOU. ENJOY IT.

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