The rumor is that CenturyLink has a big announcement but I'm sure that will be coming very soon. Wizard World Comic Con already announced July 2019 for a bigger event. What will we see from CenturyLink? Stay tuned.

This fight sold out earlier in the week and for good reason. This was the UFC. Some people might think it's a guy thing. Fighting and ground pounding with blood everywhere!!! yuck! UFC's founder Dana White has worked pretty hard to make this a reputable sport. I use to watch the reality series, Ultimate Fighter.

UFC Hall Of Fame: Official Class Of 2018 Induction Ceremony
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This was the UFC's reality series of taking these up and coming fighters, put them in a house, train them, compete, eliminate and crown a winner with UFC contract. I just remember those episodes of Dana White kicking fighters off the show because they were dirty brawlers and he wanted people to give the UFC more respect. They've accomplished that. UFC drew more than just a bunch of gym rats to CenturyLink on Saturday. I saw more in place than I'd seen all day on the patio at Lucky Fins.

I'll keep you posted on what happens with future fights and who's bringing what. Wondering what you missed? There were some great rounds leading up to the main event. I think the best fight that I got to witness during some of the preliminary fights. Think we have any UFC fans in the Treasure Valley? This thing sold-out and I watched fans find fighters around the city ambushing them with autographs.

UFC has a few types of events that they promote. You might catch the Ultimate Fighting Challenge, Fox's broadcast of UFC Fight Night, and Pay-Per-View UFC Event. This wasn't the Pay-Per-View broadcast, but that doesn't mean they didn't land a big name. UFC brought bought the previous title holder, Junior Dos Santos. This guy was HUGE and Boise got a treat Saturday night. Junior Dos Santos comes off of suspension with a decision win. The fight wasn't all that exciting but you have to understand competition sometimes. These fights are competing for big money contracts and sometimes you just have to get the win. Junior is back and Boise showed up to maybe get another one.

Congrats to all our fights, fans and the city for showing up for a sellout event. I'm sure we'll be seeing more as the city flourishes.

There was some fighting royalty in the house if you missed it.

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