It feels like yesterday that hundreds of Treasure Valley residents were racing to McCall for one final bite at the world-famous "Pancake House".  As we shared with you on that dark and dreadful day, the restaurant that has fed all of us McCall lovers and locals was closing down--a true end of an era.

Now, a new contender in the McCall breakfast game is on the way. Could they be next to fill the shoes of the legendary Pancake House?

If you have spent any time on social media--especially on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, odds are you've seen a glitter mimosa or two on your feed.

Yes, Instagram always eats first at at “Huck House" and we've got the photos to prove it:

A Look Inside Boise's Trendiest Brunch

When it comes to brunch, the weekend crowds here in the Treasure Valley do NOT mess around. There's a little bit of everything around town but we learned over the weekend that there's something special about the locally owned and operated Huck House Brunchette here in Boise, Idaho.

After their incredibly successful opening of Huck House on State Street, local ownership announced a second location on The Bench.

The Huck House team isn't stopping there. McCall: brace yourselves for "Brunchette On The Lake".

A THIRD location is on the way and the location is PRIME: right on the lake front! 

From Huck House to Brunchette on the Lake

Look amazing? Here are some more amazing brunch spots in the area: 

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