There is something about watching a first responder at work saving lives. Our little family has, unfortunately, had plenty of encounters by these superheroes. You don't have to sell me on what their value is.

I've been watching all these videos that come across ads on Youtube and television. There is one of first responders taking off their masks so you can see the heavy lines from bands to dirt surrounding the mask is surreal to me. The nurses, doctors, police officers, EMT's and more pull them so tight in order to keep themselves safe. That's real life and McDonald's wants to give back.

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The famous fast-food chain wants to say thank you to all the first responders during the coronavirus pandemic. Here's a message from McDonald's,

In appreciation for the healthcare workers, police officers, firefighters and paramedics who are committed to our health and safety, McDonald's will offer free Thank You appreciation for their selfless service.

Here's how it works.

  • Show your work badge or wear a uniform to receive free meal. Limited to one person per day.
  • Breakfast hours offer the option of an Egg McMuffin, Chicken McGriddle, or a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit. All those items come with a side of hash browns, soft drinks, tea, or hot coffee.
  • Afternoon/Night offers a choice of a double cheeseburger, 6-piece McNuggets or a Filet-O-Fish. All come with a side of small fries and a soft drink, tea, or hot coffee.

This just started and will end on Tuesday, May 5, 2020.


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