Meatless Mondays just got that much easier, because the makers of the Impossible burger just announced they're adding pork and sausage to their menu.

Still riding high and wanting to capitalize more on the major success of its meatless Impossible Burger, Impossible Foods unveiled meatless sausage and pork options at a trade show in Las Vegas on Monday.

The AP reports that Impossible Pork will be rolled out to restaurants first, with no announcement yet on when it will hit grocery stores, with Impossible Sausage following.

As with Impossible Burger, both products are made from soy, but mimic the taste and texture of ground meat.

I personally love the Impossible burgers. After teaming up with Burger King for the Impossible Whopper, I'm not surprised to see them taking off even more. I'm still not completely sold on the whole soy thing. I don't shy away from soy, but I try to not make it part of my every day diet. I try to have a much more 'plant based' diet while being vegetarian and steering away from too many processed foods, but I do love the increase in meatless options becoming more mainstream.

I'll definitely be trying some once it hits grocery stores so I can cook it at home!

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