Meridian Police arrested a sixteen-year-old student who is suspected of writing a threat on a bathroom stall. Police were contacted about the threat written at Meridan High School on Friday, according to a release from the Meridian Police Department. Police began their work over the weekend before the arrest on Sunday.

The Meridian Police Department continues to work within the Meridian Community, forging partnerships with businesses, community leaders, and schools. School shootings have happened across the country, and any threat of violence is taken seriously by law enforcement. The Meridian Police, like most law enforcement, take threats against schools, students, teachers, and others seriously.

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They urge parents to talk with their kids regarding any threats against schools and fellow students. The Meridian Police ask parents to let their young ones know the consequences of such threats to public safety.


"Each threat takes significant resources away from potential emergencies, causes unnecessary community panic, and can lead to severe consequences for those involved. Meridian Police Department will maintain an enhanced presence at Meridian High School on February 14, 2022, and monitor the overall situation. "

Meridian Police say the juvenile suspect has been charged with one (1) count Misdemeanor Deadly or Dangerous Weapon: Threat of Violence By Word or Electronic Means. The suspect's identity will not be released because he is a minor. The police want to thank their partners at Meridian High School and the West Ada School District.

If you are a parent or a student and have been threatened or know of any threats, please contact authorities immediately.

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