PERMANENTLY CLOSED is all it says when you look up 'Michael Kors' at the Boise Towne Square Mall. I was just going to share with you how to get inexpensive items there. Maybe that's why? 

I've never been in a position to afford anything Michael Kors yet the wallet in the photo is mine. All mine.

This weekend, the zipper on my super-cheap wallet got stuck and I couldn't open it to get my ID, my debit card, anything. There I am, standing in front of a teller at my bank and I can't get into my wallet to prove who I am. This very trusting woman handed me scissors and I started cutting into it right there at the counter. I felt so shady and like I was up to something. I get uncomfortable so I just talk. A lot. I'm chatting about nothing at all and doing it about a million words a minute.

Intro to Michael Kors

If something happens in life and it's not on snapchat, it didn't happen. I put it up there and my friend Lizzy, said she had a wallet just lying around.

This wallet she had just lying around was a freaking Michael Kors wallet! Apparently, her new husband got her two of the same but in different sizes. She opted for the bigger one and wasn't using this one. Lizzy, you're heaven on earth and have made me feel so cool.

The Michael Kors Store Secret

If you are like me and your bank account never allows for a trip to the Michael Kors store, there's a secret. I found this out at the Fit One expo as one of our street team girls showed up. She, by the way, always has a great new Michael Kors bag. She said that the secret to getting inexpensive designer handbags at Michael Kors was to go in and ask where the sale section is. They may pause for a second and not want to tell you but, eventually, you'll be led to the mother land.


Rich, romantic, rock-chic: Fall 2017. #AutumnLuxe

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Unfortunately, you'll have to try this trick elsewhere. The Michael Kors store has closed at the Boise Towne Square Mall with zero notice. Like, none.

They may have spent their money on glass cleaning from those of us who walk by and put our hands on the window dreaming of the day we'll get our own MK handbag or the ones who drool around Christmastime thinking that there's a chance we'll have that perfect MK set waiting for us from Santa.

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