But according to a credible "source" this seems to be more than just a rumor. Apparently the tongue titian has always had a interest in the Gem State and all it has to offer. The rumors really picked up steam over the weekend when reported sightings of the pop superstar in Boise saturated social networking.

selfiestar208 "No lie, no lie......I just saw @MileyCyrus at the gas station in Garden City

ashley_como" And I just saw @MileyCyrus at the Boise airport...#LifeComplete"

A local real estate agent who requested to remain anonymous for obvious reasons can confirm Miley would move to Boise if she can find the "perfect property". "Miss Cyrus is looking for a residence that can satisfy her unique taste and provide peace and privacy that she cannot find in Los Angles."

Since Boise offers direct flights to LA  Miley could get to and from her appointments with ease.

"It's about finding a property Miley can relax in and escape the lights and paparazzi found in LA"

The move could come sooner than you think. Apparently Miss Cyrus loves many of the properties available in Garden City and could be making a offer as soon as next week.

What do you think about this?

Would you welcome Miley Cyrus to your neighborhood?



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