Do you ever think about how much you talk on a daily basis? I know what you're thinking... What do you mean... how much I talk everyday? Yes how much you physically use your voice on a daily basis. You get up and from that moment on you use your voice constantly until you go to bed and you do this everyday. So what if you lost your voice for two weeks? What would you do? Learn to use sign language? Simply text everyone? What if you didn't have that persons phone number? What would you do? What if you we're in a parking lot and wanted to ask someone to move their car so you could park in the only space available? Why do I ask? I ask because it could happen and as a matter of fact, it just happened to Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus has been has lost her voice and is unable to talk for the next few weeks after undergoing vocal surgery. According to PEOPLE Miley was hospitalized with tonsillitis last month and that's when doctors discovered that she needed to have the surgery. I have two questions, one... Is her voice going to change after her vocal cords heal. I love her raspy voice and wonder if that was a byproduct of damaged cords? Two... How would you communicate if you lost your voice?

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