I remember being a kid and perhaps you can relate to this too--loving to save up some money. While I was growing up, any chance to store away some change or some dollar bills was exciting. Now, as an adult, it seems like we never have enough! One activity I loved was collecting quarters from each state. Sure, in hindsight it was totally a grandma-activity, but tracking down limited edition quarters representing al 50 states was exciting--yes, I even had the hardback, fold out map.

While that map is collecting dust someplace at my parents house, I haven't thought of those quarters in over a decade. Little did I know--these things are still being produced by the Mint! The latest release happened just last week and it also so happens, Idaho was featured!

The back of this quarter (and the final of the year 2019 to be released) features a boat going down stream in a river and it's surrounded by wilderness. I think this represents Idaho far better than the original state quarter issued years ago, that just had a falcon head on it. The scene honors the wilderness of our nation per the example of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area--a protected wilderness area.

If you're looking to get your hands on one of these as a collector, you can purchase them above face value from the United State Mint-- but asking your local bank if they have any in may be the most effective way to do it!

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