If you've ever lost trust in a product, service, or company you know the feeling really sucks. We, as consumers, find things and services that we like and after time, mindlessly rely on them--until they let us down.

That seems to be the case (yet again) for Uber.  They've been plagued with various controversial internal issues over the past couple of year and the information released today effects directly, 57 million customers. Here's what we know.

Hackers stole personal data from 57 MILLION Uber customers, a giant information breach that until today, we didn't know about. It seems unreal that we would never know that this happened a year ago, however the company kept the incident concealed and in fact, they even paid $100,000 to the attackers.

According to Uber, no credit card information or trip location details were taken--just names, email addresses, and phone numbers. The hack occurred in October of 2016.

Why wouldn't Uber warn its users or notify them of the breach? Truly, who knows. But no reasoning seems logical to me.

As someone who uses Uber on occasion, typically only when I really need to be someplace, I don't think I have any desire to use them again.

How do you feel about this uncovered breach?

More on uncovered hack, HERE.

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