Last week we reported terrible news out of the Treasure Valley as three local children had an AMBER Alert issued on their behalf.  This week, we're able to announce that those children were found over the weekend.  The update on these children can be found HERE.

While the AMBER alert that went off last week wasn't the first to come across my phone--it was a crazy experience.  I had just made plans with my dad for Fathers Day and was in the middle of casually texting my mom when my phone went off. I instantly realized how lucky I am to have parents so present in my life. It wasn't just my phone--everyone's phone went off in the building. The silence was eerie as everyone reached for their phones and looked around at each other.  Minutes later, studio doors opened as the AMBER Alert went over the air through the Emergency Alert System.

Something about the feeling in the air completely changed me.  That AMBER Alert hit me in the heart and reminded me that while giving away tickets, playing music, and being WEIRD makes for an unbelievable job, I never would have had the chance to do so had my parents not constantly looked out for me with. Fathers Day is over, three local kids are now SAFE, but every day seems like one we should take a minute to thank our parents or those who played vital roles in our lives.

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