I could think of a lot worse things to be stranded in a car with!  Leslie and Lee packed up their SUV for a sister get away to Michigan's upper peninsula when they encountered what mother nature does best by the Great Lakes...snow.  Lots of snow.  And their vehicle got stuck in it.  In a remote area.

As you could probably guess, there was no cell phone service in the area so they were trapped and were only able to keep warm until the car ran out of gas and the battery died.  They bundled in as many layers of clothes as they could to keep warm when temperatures went down into the 20s at night and turned snow into water to drink.

But it's what they ate that kept them alive! The women survived their TWO WEEK ordeal by eating GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! Yup, they just so happened to have a ton of boxes they purchased from their relatives and a bag of cheese puffs in the car.

They were eventually found by a pilot passing over the snow bank and were treated/released injury free from the hospital.


If you were trapped somewhere with only ONE food to eat for two weeks, what would it be?

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