As a parent you do your best to protect your children from everything and anything that could potentially harm them physically or mentally. When it comes to children being robbed of their innocence things get really sticky because this can be such a subjective situation. A video that recently went viral to the tune of 26 million views should be confirmation enough that parents are not okay with the recent discovery involving L.O.L Surprise dolls. If you haven't seen the video you may be thinking to yourself, its just a doll what could be so bad?

Well... What if your children's prized possessions revealed secret and inappropriate outfits when dipped in cold water? Can you imagine the questions on your childs behalf? Can you imagine the shock on your face? This is exactly what's happening in households across America. Apparently these dolls are delivering a whole lot of "Surprise" and not a whole lot of L.O.L.

LOL Surprise dolls

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