The closer my fiance and I get to nailing down wedding details, the more I'm learning about wedding trends that I didn't know were a "thing." 

I actually saw this wedding "thing" while scrolling through my Instagram feed a few weeks ago.  It was in a photo from a wedding in Twin Falls.  The groom looked like he was screaming with excitement while his bride was staring at him.  It was such a cool picture that I had to scroll down and read the hashtags to figure out exactly what the photographer was going for.  Were they were relieved because the ceremony was over? Did they just get a huge wedding day surprise from one of the families?  Then I saw it.


The couple was embracing the growing trend of shooting a "First Look" photo.  Timeless wedding traditions normally keep the bride and groom from seeing each other on their wedding day until the bride starts to walk down the aisle.  The "First Look" wedding tend is the total opposite of that tradition.  During a "first look," your photographer will help you find a quiet, beautiful spot where your hubby to be will see you in your wedding dress for the first time...before any of your guests at the ceremony.

Could I pull this off for my wedding?

While the "first look" photos I saw on Instagram were beautiful, I'm still a little skittish about breaking a tradition like that on our wedding day.  I'm not an uptight bride by any stretch of the imagination.  We're definitely working on some non-traditional things for an Idaho wedding like adding a HUGE cookie table to our reception hall (cookie tables at weddings are a tradition back in Ohio where my fiance and I grew up) and foregoing a traditional sit down meal in favor of our favorite street tacos. I just remember how beautiful the moment was between my little sister and her husband when the church doors opened and they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.  It was an honor to be part of that and as of now, I'd like for our guests to share in that moment with us rather than through photos.

First Look Positives

On the flip side, Idaho based wedding photographer, Brie Thomason, explains the tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other before the ceremony doesn't have anything to do with "bad luck." It's actually a tradition that started when arranged marriages were more common.  If you've watched "Arranged" at all, you know that the marriages are more a business deal between families rather than a beautiful love story.  That's why the father of the bride would try to keep his daughter from meeting the groom until the their wedding day.  They often feared that if the couple got to spend any time together, the groom may not be attracted to her and decide to call off the wedding.

She goes on to explain some benefits of the "First Look" shoot.  She said the shoot often eases pre-wedding jitters and lets couples be themselves without getting "stage fright" in front of hundreds of guests.  It also lets the photographer to check off some traditional shots with the couple and their families before the ceremony.  That lets the couple get to their reception and guests sooner instead of spending HOURS on pictures after the ceremony

What About You?

If you're planning a wedding, would you do a "first look" photo or hang on to the tradition of waiting to see your future spouse? If you've done "first look" photos at your wedding, post them up! Let's see them and tell us why you made the decision to go that route!

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