I've seen more videos on social media of people fighting outside of stores in the last few days than I care to admit. Frankly it's a shame and it feels like people have forgotten how to interact with each other in a civil matter. While many stores are opening back up, Earlier in the week we learned that Pier 1 was closing at Boise Towne Square mall. It made me stop and think about how many changes we've seen during this quarantine and what else was going to disappear into thin air as the state opens up. Here are a few more that are going away or have filed for bankruptcy.

  • JC Penney: The national chain just announced it was going into bankruptcy days ago and with that comes the possibility of them closing the Boise Towne Square or Nampa location as they are slated to close 30 percent of their stores.
  • Gordmans: The announcement has been made and all Gordman's will be closed down including the Village at Meridian store due to bankruptcy.
  •  Office Depot: Say goodbye to the store downtown as it will be closed by the beginning of the year
  • J. Crew: The bankruptcy train continues and J.Crew was leading the parade. Thus far all stores will remain open.

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