This $1.4 million home is the most expensive home for sale in Kuna right now. Here are 30 photos – go check out the inside  👀

Kuna is absolutely blowing up right now, and the prices of homes out there are starting to rise even more. Being just 18 miles south of Boise, it’s a very appealing place for people to move to and settle down in their dream homes.

According to the City of Kuna, “Kuna is one of the fastest growing communities in the Boise Metro with a 29.25% growth from 2010-2017." These numbers are probably even higher now, as Kuna has continued to skyrocket in growth over that last 2 or 3 years … and it’s picking up again.

Having ‘dream homes’ isn’t going to be a problem for Kuna, as so many beautiful homes are already there, and more are already being built.

I thought I’d surf the web a little bit and hop on Zillow and, and I was absolutely stunned by the first home that I saw. It’s the most expensive home for sale in Kuna right now. Have a look around!

Kuna's Most Expensive Home for Sale

Take a look around!

Is Idaho’s Most Expensive Home One of the Finest Homes Ever Built?

Take a look around and decide for yourself!

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