Thanks to this season's ridiculous snowfall, Bogus Basin's seeing one of their best years of revenue in history but they don't only want to be known as a winter destination! There's some seriously cool improvements ($4.3 million worth) coming to the mountain!

When I moved to Idaho almost seven years ago, there weren't many things about the part of Northeast Ohio I grew up in that I missed at all.  In fact I can only think of two. Dunkin' Donuts and roller coasters. I lived an hour from an awesome (but now defunct) Six Flags in Cleveland, 1.5 hours from Kennywood in Pittsburgh (the amusement park they shot Adeventureland at) and 2 hours from the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. So when I found out that the closest amusement park to Boise was nearly 5 hours away, I was crushed but it looks like I'm FINALLY going to be able to get my coaster fix in the Treasure Valley!

According to the Idaho Statesman, Bogus is adding a gravity driven coaster to their list of attractions! The cars fit one adult or one adult and a child at a time.  It'll be pulled up the hill toward the Pioneer Lodge before releasing you down 2400 feet of track. The track should delight thrill seekers like myself because it incorporates some pretty incredible 360º turns and you control the speed.  The cars are locked onto the rails and at times may feel like they're going to come right off the track if you're going full speed.  If that sounds a little too intense for you, the cars have a braking system that allows the rider to control their own experience/speed.  Construction on the ride starts the day after the mountain closes their ski season and it's expected to be ready for it's first ride on August 1st, 2017! (Check out the video above.  The Bogus coaster is similar to the one at Snowbird resort.)

Here's a look at some of the other additions and improvements that are part of the $4.3 million plan!

Improvements For 2017 and Beyond

  • New paver patio built in base area in front of Simplot Lodge. Will add 200 additional outdoor seats, a unique food service area and two fire rings"
  • New small slope for first-time skiers and snowboarders (separated into a "kids only area" and "beginners area.)
  • Additional removable summer activities like a four sided climbing wall and four-trampoline bungee jump
  • Artificial siding surface for summer tubing.  Tube hill will be serviced by a conveyor belt lift that will be used for a beginners area during ski season.
  • Aerial adventure ropes course (2018)

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