As a fan of Truly (in my expert opinion, Truly > White Claw due to the sugar content and taste), I'm always excited when I find out about a new option for hard seltzers. They're my favorite! I'm pretty specific about what I'll drink- I'm talking vodka, champs, cider or seltzer. So this new seltz has me hyped.

Natural Light just jumped onto the hard seltzer train by announcing two new flavors: Aloha Beaches and Catalina Lime Mixer. One may remind you as a play on the famous "Catalina wine mixer" scenes from movie Step Brothers, where each main character drops an f-bomb before saying "Catalina wine mixer" at a fictitious event of that very name. I don't know it as a reference for that movie, since I'm in a weird demographic of people who has seen basically not a single classic movie or show. I wish I had the time and interest to, but that's just not my reality.

Regardless, I've got to try this new option. So catch me at Albertsons after work today in the chilled bevvy aisle.




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