Even if you don't live in south Boise like I do, even if you've never imagined how amazing it would be to have this gorgeous park in your neighborhood like my neighbors and I have, you've probably heard about the controversy surrounding Murgoitio Park.

The short version is this: a 160-acre plot on South Cole Road was promised to be turned into a regional park 25 years ago by former Boise Mayor Brent Coles was all of a sudden amidst a proposed land-swap deal. The City of Boise was considering trading the proposed park for land in the southeast Boise Foothills. Why?

Boise Mayor McLean said in a statement, "The city has been doing its due diligence to look into the details of the proposed trade due to the potential to build much needed, affordable housing at the site."

Sounds reasonable considering the Boise housing market, unless you're already living in that neighborhood and want what the city promised previously. Needless to say the community has been up in arms and as a result it seems as though the south Boise residents have something to celebrate.

In a statement Mayor McLean announced on Monday. "The proposed trade agreement doesn't make financial sense for Boise residents and is no longer under consideration," she said in a statement.

I thought this was great until she added " The city will soon have an updated appraisal for the plot from a broker, which is anticipated to be higher than 2020's estimation of $7.8 million "

Why is there an appraisal needed if the plot of land is no longer for sale? Is this not where the city should bid out the park project and move forward? Is this really a win for south Boise residents or just a stall tactic on behalf of the city? What's your take?


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